Objects of the Corporation

Schedule A

The objects of the Corporation are:

1. To advance education and to promote the health of the public by mitigating the impact of mental illness, advancing the treatment of mental illness and promoting mental health in a manner that is exclusively charitable at law through:
a. Supporting, promoting, advancing and/or undertaking, in Canada and/or throughout the world:
i. The education and certification of peer support workers
ii. The education and certification of peer support educators
iii. The accreditation of consumer and/or community based peer support education organizations; and/or
iv. Educational and accreditation programs related to peer support workers, peer support activities and/or peer support programs;
b. Developing, implementing, advancing, undertaking and/or evaluating recovery based peer support programs, in Canada and/or throughout the world;
c. Supporting, promoting, advancing and/or undertaking research, including the creation of an evidence base, to advance knowledge of recovery based peer support programs and peer based education programs, for the benefit of the public in Canada and throughout the world; and
d. Raising public awareness about mental health disorders and their incidence, causes, treatment, recovery, avoidance, and relief;
2. To identify, support, promote, advance and/or undertake projects, programs and studies in furtherance of the foregoing objects; and
3. To do all such other lawful things as may be incidental and ancillary to carrying out the foregoing objects.